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I just applied for a job in Longreach.

For reference:

oh jesus that's a long drive

A is where I live now. B is the nearest roller derby league. C is Longreach.

Going the slightly less circuitous route, it’s still 1200-ish kilometres. Planes go in and out every couple of weeks.

Fortunately the odds are reasonable that I won’t even get an interview; I’m slightly underqualified and a long way away. But if I get an interview, I have to go, and if I get the job, I have to take it, because the starting salary is like $60K and I’ve got a whole lot of HECS debt to pay. There are much worse places than Longreach–I’ve lived more rurally in places with more wild pigs–but  it’s still… not ideal. Especially since I’ve got postgrad quals to finish.


Written by Amelia &/or Delilah

December 20, 2010 at 9:48 am

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