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I was going to talk about the new Narnia film

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but then Michael Moore made me very angry. Sady Doyle and Kate Harding already covered the important things. I like WikiLeaks, but I am experiencing an odd desire to strangle every one of Assange’s fans.

So, instead, some useful information:

Posts categorised as “Posts by Amelia” were made by me, Amelia, aka Mill, the younger Des Anges sister. Posts categorised as “Posts by Delilah” were made by Delilah, aka Del, the older and awesomer Des Anges sister. If we remember to, we will also put our names at the bottom of the actual post.

If you receive a comment and already know who we are (especially if you can identify us by the D-wing avatar alone,) the comment was most likely made by Del. If you have no idea who we are, the odds are reasonable that it was me. If the comment was bizarre and/or incoherent, it was almost definitely me, at 5AM, so sleep deprived that I have lost the ability to differentiate homonyms and have started seeing flights of cranes rising from the carpet.

In other news, the roller derby season is over for summer here in Australia, but these beauties have just come out in the frigid northlands. Heat moulding! Reinforced toe leather! Shock absorbers! GUMBALL TOESTOPS! Oh, my Sure Grips have served me faithfully and still have plenty of mileage, but I want them anyway. I am a such a geek.



Written by Amelia &/or Delilah

December 19, 2010 at 8:43 am

Posted in Posts by Amelia

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