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Making this post is extremely unnerving. How do you start a new blog? Do you introduce yourself? Do you pretend like you’ve been there forever? What is the protocol?! Since it seems like most people aim for an auspicious start, I am (in true Des Anges style) going to talk about eating out of bins.

I read this blog, Hungry For A Month, for the first time right after I started uni. I rediscovered it this morning. Basic synopsis: an upper/middle-class guy spent $1 per day on food for the month of November, to see what it would be like to be poor. Since I tended towards varying degrees of homelessness throughout my teenage years, and often lived off less than $1/day, this naturally resonated with me. In particular, Day 18: “I’m having a hotdog for dinner tonight and it’s the most exciting thing I’ve done this week.”

This one time, when I was not-quite-homeless (read: living with a friend, feeling epically guilty about not being able to pay for food, and spending most of my time eating things with the approximate gustatory appeal of tile grout,) I went for a walk at about 10PM. There was a shop not that far away from us, called Superchick. I think it’s closed down now. Superchick sold roast chickens, chips, gravy, and not much else, and as I was walking past it at 10PM, I witnessed something amazing: at the end of the day, they took whatever they didn’t sell, and threw it in the skip out the back. They threw whole chickens away!

This happened, not coincidentally, about ten minutes before I learned the fine art of what the Americans refer to as “dumpster diving.” I ate nothing but roast chicken for a week. It was awesome.


Written by Amelia &/or Delilah

December 17, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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